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Acquario di Genova

About the project

This animated commercial was created for a pitch for Acquario di Genova. The client wanted to create an emotional video addressing the environmental issues related to the sea and its inhabitants, so we thought about the simple but true fact that if we treat nature in a bad way, it is equal to treating ourselves in a bad way because we’re all the same thing. Here’s the translation of the speech:
“A wave becomes a shell
a shell becomes a woman
that jumps in the sea like a fish.
There is no difference between a bird and the sea
or between a man and a fish
we’re the same thing”


Concept : Sara Taigher
Art direction & Animation: Sara Taigher, Yassmin Yaghmai
Speaker: Eloisa Brusa
Sound fx and music: Inti d’Ayala Valva
Audio mix: Joe Casagrande

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