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About the project

Black is a short animated film directed by Sara Taigher with the contribution of the Italian Ministry of National Heritage and Cultural Activities and a Kickstarter Campaign. The film is set in Rome and tells the story of Matteo, a young producer of electronic music, who during a long blackout can’t resign to the idea of not being able to play at the computer anymore.


Written directed and produced by Sara Taigher, Cast: Davide Albano, Joy Saltarelli, Stefano Brusa, Luca Dal Fabbro, Marco De Risi, Isabel Morgana Brusa, Dubbing director : Stefano Brusa, Screenplay: Daniele Di Biasio, Chiara Babuin, Lorenzo Bartoli, Editing: Sara Taigher, Ippolito Simion, Character Design: Yassmin Yaghmai, Executive Producer: Federico Saraceni, Lorenzo Giordano, Music: Inti d’Ayala Valva, Background artists: Valerio Paolucci, Lorenzo Conti, Giuseppe Maggiore, Storyboard Artists: Yassmin Yaghmai, Caterina Ferrante, Ilaria Giacometti, Violins written and performed by Andrea Di Cesare, Sound Design: Inti d’Ayala Valva, Anzellotti Sound, Sound Mix: Anzellotti Sound Animation: Yassmin Yaghmai, Alice Buscaldi, Francesco Forti, Sabrina De Marco, Rocco Venanzi, Alberto Longo, Tiago Rovida, Giacomo Brunetto, Francesca Marinelli, Mauro Ciocia, Inbetweeners: Alice Ronci, Ilaria Giacometti, Alessandro Schiavello, Extras animation: Amedeo Nicodemo, Color Correction: Ludovico Bettarello, Colorists: MichelAngela World Team

Screenings 2018

@ La città incantata June Civita di Bagnoregio, VT, Italy / @ Open World animation July Cigar Factory, alternative Gallery, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA / @ Psiaf – Palm Springs International Animation Festival, California, USA August / @ Pixelatl Cuernavaca, Mexico September / @ Kratasy, Pelhřimov, Czech Republic September / @ Chaniatoon, Chania, Crete island, Greece / @ Corti in Cortile, Catania, Italy, September / @ Catalina Film Festival , Catalina Island, California, USA / @Periferie Animate, Bari, Italy September / @ Sacramento film festival, California, USA September, Crocker Art Museum / @ Tofuzi, 10th international Festival of Animated Film, Batumi, Georgia October / @ Orvieto cinema fest October / @ Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival, Oristano, Italy / @ Spark Animation, Vancouver, Canada / @ ASFilm Festival, Rome, Italy MAXXI Museum of contemporary art / @ Animation Marathon, Athens, Greece / @ Collateral 102, Turin, Italy December Cinema Lux


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