About the project

Stefano de Luigi asked So What to produce a multimedia/ E-motion video to accompany his book “Blanco”.

“Stefano De Luigi began this series in India, in 2003, where he was working on a commission for the International ONG CBM to produce photographs with which the group could publicize its services for the blind. When the assignment ended, De Luigi found that his fascination had only just begun. He was to spend the next four years shooting at hospitals and schools for the blind in sixteen countries.” (Rollo Romig &endash; The New Yorker)


World Press Photo 2011 – Winner second prize multimedia contest


Direction/ editing: Ippolito Simion, Photo editor: Annalisa d’Angelo, Animation: Sara Taigher, Valerio Arcioni, Ippolito Simion, Music: Simonluca Leitempergher

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