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SO WHAT, in partnership with NONE and ULTRAVIOLETTO, after a long planning period they are finally setting up the new Cinema Museum at Cinecittà in Rome. Hours of archive footage, interactive design platforms, houndreds of video mappings, to build and tell the identity of Italian Cinema from the birth of radio signal to today.

In 2015, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism awarded Istituto Luce-Cinecittà the creation of the Italian Audiovisual and Cinema Museum (MIAC).
Located in the former Film Development and Press Laboratory of Cinecittà, the museum preserves and enhances the audiovisual heritage and the professions of cinema through the use of new technologies.
It constitutes a permanent laboratory for the promotion of training projects and international exchanges between young professionals from all over the world. Activate exchanges with other countries on the basis of residences for the specialization and knowledge of reciprocal cinematography from the historical, research and experimentation point of view to favor the creation of a European cinema of the future.
It hosts paths on the techniques, genres and languages ​​used by images of reality and those of cinema and television fiction, on the social and cultural history of the image in Italy.
It includes an area for permanent exhibition and one for temporary exhibitions, a laboratory for the restoration and analogical processing of films, a space for meetings, projections and activities, and a bibliomediateca for the use of archival, librarian and audio heritage -visitive of the Historical Light Archive, from 2013 in the UNESCO Register of the Memory of the World, and of other partner archives.

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