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About the project


Play the Museum is a project conceived for the enhancement of works and installations within museum spaces through the application of audio visual and multimedia languages ​​in a perspective of audience engagement; a new way to tell about museums, collections and exhibits on display, with an engaging narrative dimension.

The project involves the creation of visit itineraries created thanks to the use of new technologies, which allow the visitor to explore the exhibition by offering experiences of storydoing, ie focusing on the protagonism and involvement of the user.

In the wake of the international success achieved by multimedia exhibitions, we aim to trigger an active process aimed at improving the visitor experience, increasing the number of users and contributing, in the long term, to creating a sense of belonging and participation in the visitor community . A digital proposal for dialogue with a new public, a lover of art, young, so that the past meets the future on the basis of a cultural vision without preclusion.

The two museums to which the project is destined are the Museum of the Ara Pacis and the Museum di Roma in Trastevere.

The visitor will pass through the rooms of the Museum through a path that can be modulated according to their choices and their target audience and will discover artistic interventions designed in site-specific mode, multimedia interactions, live performances, educational workshops that will contribute to making the live experience engaging .
We aim to enhance an unprecedented temporary exhibition by the photographer Fulvio Roiter, structuring it in a multimedia exhibition where, together with the creation of video contributions in digital totems, installed in transition between the exhibited photographs, augmented reality applied to the consultation of photo books is envisaged. of unpublished sound paths through the use of 3-channel wifi headphones through which to choose with which audio content
accompany the visit. All this will be joined by participatory workshops, happenings and events on set days.
We chose to propose a retrospective by F.Roiter because he was an artist who took an exceptional place in Italian photography, the first to gain international fame.
The idea is to tell the innate inclination of Roiter to celebrate life in all manifestations by photographing it in the faces and bodies of the people he met, giving light to the last, to the forgotten, but also to movie stars, to what of the secret and enchanting the world offers, and having immortalized scenes of life and details of eternal cities now unrecognizable.
It is in respect of his sincere and continuous research poetics, that we would like to work on a new exhibition project, which will attract a wide and diversified audience, which includes the exhibition of some of his masterpieces, combining them with his unpublished works.
We would like to pay homage to the artist with an original and contemporary style through the use of Wifi headset devices in which to pour the immense patrimony of stories, testimonies, interviews that see Roiter as protagonist and give space to a double means of communication made of words and images, also collected in original video montages, as he himself liked to do in his books where the photos were accompanied by poetic, literary, sociological texts, and thus strengthened the story through the aid of augmented reality.
Visibilia wants to surprise the viewer through an immersive journey in which the author’s photography dialogues with a photograph for everyone; Roiter will take us on a journey in images from Rome to Kenya in the Masai tribe, to the Amazon, to then lead us back to Venice, his city, going from black and white to color.
The strength of Roiter’s works supported by sound, music and video suggestions will create an emotional short-circuit of a certain impact.
One weekend a month, for the three months of the exhibition, will be animated by musical performances with technical equipment adaptable to the space available and educational workshops conducted by the Cultural Association Informadarte to learn by playing the techniques of photography and languages ​​related to the world of images.
The educational proposal will focus on what characterizes the profession of photographer: reportage, portrait, graphic design, image archive. Some elements of this art form and its specific language will be closely observed, stimulating a critical and conscious approach in the young public.

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