Sulemàn, Sheik and Sidiki are the first members of the cooperative Barikamà, which means resilience in the Berber language. After the journey to Europe, they experience slavery in Rosarno and the terrible events of those days. Once in Rome, they manage to free themselves from work under a corporal. The cooperative was founded in 2011 with the production and distribution of an excellent yoghurt. 50 pots a week.
Today Barikamà manages two completely organic agricultural fields, a café and preserves products that it distributes throughout Rome and its province. The awareness of its members, who now also count on the collaboration of young people with Asperger’s syndrome, goes beyond the simple farming faculty. The quality of their products is accompanied by a desire to replicate the experience in their home country. Some of them in fact, victims of economic promises, impoverished their fathers’ land with intensive cultivation. Today, aware that wealth is synonymous with biodiversity, they would like to return to Africa to recount their success so as to convince their fellow citizens to do the same at home.

Barikama is currently in production and is looking for production and distribution partners.