Welcome to the world of “Gravity,” our upcoming animated short that challenges the fundamental law of nature. In this unique universe, objects are sucked into the air, and characters walk anchored to the ground in magnetic shoes.
At the heart of this fairy tale is a lazy humanity, carelessly scattering its garbage into the air. We carefully follow the journey of a charming androgynous creature through this surreal scenery, heading toward a romantic destination: a hillside where their lover awaits them for a picnic wrapped in the romantic, suspended atmosphere. The story takes a turn at once magical and eerie when gravity reverses itself, causing everything to plummet to earth. “Gravity” is more than an animated short film; it is a metaphorical and ecological reflection on our human condition.
With Robotina’s technical and creative direction, we collaborated with Art5 studio in Genoa for the modeling and animation of the characters, while Fedora Productions in Mexico handled background modeling, prop animation and the final look.