L’ultimo brigante is a film about justice and the law, loosely inspired by the story of the bandit Domenico Tiburzi.

We are in Maremma in the period between the unification of Italy and the 20th century. The main characters are tough people who lead hard lives, often forced to submit to the anguish of landowners, decadent and perverse nobles. The newly-born Kingdom of Italy struggles to establish itself in this borderland, where the outcasts and the forgotten find refuge, safe from the untrained eye of the forces of order. The countless adventures and their principal characters open up many narrative lines that would deserve to be explored in depth in a serial treatment.
In this case, we have chosen the path of the feature film, in order to focus on the life of the most illustrious Maremma brigand, who in himself embodies the ideal of the popular hero: rebel by necessity, inventor of the ‘brigandage tax’, inescapable executioner.
After a 25 year absconding period, killed by treachery, his grave is still famous today. The people objected to the priest who wanted to bury him outside: the bandit was buried on the perimeter of the cemetery, legs in and torso out. Half saint, half brigand.
This is the story of the Lion of Cellere, King of the Maremma.