La danza delle ombre

Tenembu, once a queen in the court of Lagos, is determined to protect her power and position in society. However, when the visionary Giambattista arrives with a revolutionary idea to defeat slavery, Tenembu finds herself torn between her thirst for power and the possibility of real change. Through Tenembu’s eyes, we follow her journey that leads her to meet Giambattista and Fela, a man who has known the horror of slavery. Initially, Tenembu is wary and tries to thwart their plans, but gradually finds herself drawn to their determination and idealism. Tenembu realises that her world is changing rapidly and that slavery may soon be abolished. Torn between her desire for power and the compassion that develops within her, Tenembu joins Giambattista and Fela on their journey to create a fair and sustainable trade based on agricultural products. During the journey, Tenembu confronts her conscience, the secrets and intrigues of the court and her personal relationships. Through his point of view, we discover the dark side of his ambition and thirst for power, but also the desire/want for redemption and the search for personal redemption. As Tenembu gets closer to Giambattista and Fela, a complicated love story emerges that is intertwined with the desire for change and the fight for freedom. In the course of time, Tenembu realises that his destiny is inscribed in a bigger picture: to become a symbol of rebirth and hope for his people. “La Danza delle Ombre: Le Cronache Sconosciute di Tenembu” tells a compelling story of betrayal, love and courage set in a tumultuous historical period. Through Tenembu’s eyes, the audience will be taken on an emotional journey that explores universal themes such as power, redemption, redemption and the fight for freedom.

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